Afternoon Bingo Specials Afternoon Bingo Specials Afternoon Bingo Specials

Afternoon Bingo Specials

Win big this Labor Day

The first Monday of September is Labor Day. And we're here to help you celebrate this day in style. Instead of just celebrating it on a single day, we're going to make September a whole month of celebrations with our exciting Afternoon Bingo Specials on every Monday of the month.

So, if you want to get in on the action, make sure you join us in the Seasonal room on Mondays. Each Monday, the Afternoon Bingo Specials start at 14:00PM EDT and run for two hours. These games will consist of a specific cycle of games for you to enjoy.

The Afternoon Bingo Specials include a $10,000 Coverall (min $100) game at $1.00 per card. This game will take place at the Top of the Hour and also at the mid-hour time. Starting $100 bingo games costing $0.50 per card will play as well.

Finally, there will be $100 guaranteed games that are set at $0.50 per card. Happily, there will also be a card promotion in place for all cards and games. If you buy 9 cards you will get 3 cards for free. But, pay attention, because all of this is boosted on September 6th!

The games will be similar but have bigger prizes. So, there will be a $20,000.00 Coverall minimum of $200, Starting $150 games, and $200 guaranteed. Cards will cost $1.00 each for the $20,000.00 games and just $0.50 for the starting $150 and $200 guaranteed game. Grab your cards today and get ready for the fun!

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