Participate in our $13,000 Big BINGO Event Participate in our $13,000 Big BINGO Event Participate in our $13,000 Big BINGO Event

Participate in our $13,000 Big BINGO Event

It’s the Biggest Bingo Event of the month!

This year, we are set to be treated to one scorcher of a summer and if you get involved in the Big Bingo Event, yours could be sizzling! Sign up today and get involved with this red hot offer to win up to an amazing $10,000. Go on, give it a go!

It is our biggest event of the month and you could even be in with the chance of scooping this amazing prize! On Saturday, August 29 EDT, get yourself into our Tourney Bingo room, where all the action takes place. What could you do with a whopping cash prize of $10,000?

All the details you need to know for this fabulous event are as follows: The fun begins at 7:00PM EDT on Saturday, August 29 EDT, with three warm-up games that will really get you into the gaming spirit. These run until 9:00PM EDT, at which time the good times are guaranteed with cash prizes of $1,000 each game.

10:00PM EDT is when the magic happens for our Big Bingo Event of August 2020. This is when the grand prize of $10,000 will be rolled out as the jewel in the crown of our Guaranteed Game. Make sure you are there for the biggest bingo event of the month!

What would you do with your winnings this summer? Maybe you can't take the family on a vacation this year but we're sure a hefty prize will set you up for a nice fun stay-cation. Only one way to find out! Cards are $2.00 for the warm-up games and $5.00 for the Guaranteed Game.

You can pre-order your BINGO cards before the event to avoid missing out! Someone is going to win BIG! It could be YOU!

Birthday celebrations – To celebrate 24 years of the best bingo fun and excitement, all bingo cards for this promotion will earn you double the regular number of bingo points and any one to go prizes will be doubled to reward players with an incredible 500 Bingo points!