Super Wife Bingo Super Wife Bingo Super Wife Bingo

Super Wife Bingo

Show your appreciation and win big

Is takes a super wife to spend her time at home doing the magic that makes a home a home. So much is taken for granted but this must be the most challenging job of any, especially with kids, it takes a real Super Wife!

Wife Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 16th is a special day where partners can demonstrate just how much they love their wife and appreciate all the special things that she does for them throughout the year. Join in the Super Wife Bingo fun and show your appreciation for super wives everywhere with $1,600 of guaranteed cash prizes to be won.

These fun filled Super Wife Bingo games will play as top of the hour games at 7:00PM EST, 8:00PM EST, 9:00PM EST and 10:00PM EST in the Summer Bingo room on Sunday, September 16th, and each game has a guaranteed cash pot of $400 with a card cost of only $1.00 a card. With a special Super Wife Bingo offer of Buy 3 Get 2 Free on all cards, that’s more chances for you to be a winner at BingoFest.

Show your support for Wife Appreciation Day at BingoFest on Sunday, September 16th and win a share of $1,600 in guaranteed cash prizes!