Super Wife Bingo Super Wife Bingo Super Wife Bingo

Super Wife Bingo

Celebrate Wife Appreciation with our Super Wife Bingo Event!

On the third Sunday of September, we will be having a "Super Wife" wife appreciation day Bingo special. We want everybody to be appreciative of their wives, especially since so many of our best players are women! Really, we would love to know, what would the great game of bingo be without our super wives?

In honor of the super wives, we will be hosting four special Top of the Hour games, which will all take place in the Summer Bingo room each with a guaranteed pot of $500 per game, for a grand total of $2,000 in guaranteed winnings in the space of four short hours.

These special games will be starting at 7:00PM EDT. Each card will have a price of just $1.00, and besides this low price, there is a great promotion on the cards for this day. If you buy 5 cards at the regular price of $1.00 each, you will get 2 more cards absolutely free!

Here at BingoFest, we are all about those promotions! We've done "Super Wives" before in previous years as a fall special, and it's always a resounding success with our players! We feel that the year should have some "rhythm" and "flow" to it, and because of this, we are super big on those seasonal promotions.