Wiggle Bingo Special Wiggle Bingo Special Wiggle Bingo Special

Wiggle Bingo Special

Wiggle your way to a fantastic cash prize!

Saturday, November 14th is a day for your diaries, as its when we're running our Wiggle Bingo Special. Taking place in the Autumn bingo room, this bingo event will be running for a whopping five hours, so make sure you don't miss any of the action or big wins!

The games will start at 5:00PM EST and run until 10:00PM EST with a range of prizes on offer. The starting prizes are set at $50.00, but these will then wiggle their way up through to an impressive $500.00 prize. These prizes will increase as the numbers are called out. This means that the amount you win will depend on the call number that you managed to win on. This means that if you match numbers quickly, the prize will be lower than if the calls have had to go on for a long time - but there's no way of knowing!

The cards are also super affordable, as we've set the price at just $0.25 per card. In addition to this, we're running a promotional offer on the cards as well where you can buy 6 and get 3 free, which makes this one of the best bingo deals around!

In order to join in the fun, you will need to have an account with us already. There's still time for those of you without an account to sign up and get started with us before the 14th November rolls around and you need to buy your cards - sign up now!